Will it snow Not yet for NYC, forecasters say – NBC New York

  Will it snow  Not yet for NYC, forecasters say - NBC New York

What you should know

Wild temperature swings are expected for the tri-state this week – from a 60-degree Monday to a 40-degree Wednesday to back to the mid-60s on Saturday – and we could expect some rainfall tracking to get on Wednesday potentially bringing measurable snow to NYC, but that prediction has changed; It can rain a bit, if anything. There could be 1-3 inches in the northern and western suburbs. then we will be well above average in terms of temperature by next week

New York City hasn’t seen its first measurable snowfall of the season – and while a potential major snow event seemed possible a few days ago, it doesn’t seem to be anymore. The five districts may not even get dusted.

Light snow has spread – or at least tried to cover up – the far northern suburbs during Wednesday’s morning commute. A secondary low is developing offshore that could bring some showers or light mixed rainfall to Long Island and the Connecticut coast in the afternoon and early evening hours.

There are currently no winter weather warnings in force for the border triangle.

Overall, the impact on the region will be minor. Most roads should just be wet, with high temperatures expected to stay well above freezing (around 40) for the day.

No cluster is now expected in the New York City area, which was preparing for a possible wallop. You will likely experience intermittent showers throughout the day in the south and east of the city.

Spots further north and west like Liberty and Scranton could see up to 3 inches of the white stuff if the system moves out, while those in the Poughkeepsie area are likely to get an inch or less. It is expected that measurable snow will remain in northern counties like Dutchess, Sullivan, and Ulster, but it won’t be much.

The weather stays cool until Thursday and can drop just below 40 degrees, then jumps to the high 40s on Friday and back to the mid 60s on Saturday.

The roller coaster ride continues as the mercury drops back to the mid-40s on Sunday and climbs to 50 on Monday, then steadily higher as the work week progresses, according to Storm Team 4.

The expected warmth in mid-December takes home the whole week with above-average temperatures. The average high for New York City this time of year is 47.

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