Photos: How New Yorkers are staying cool in the heat wave

Photos: How New Yorkers are staying cool in the heat wave

A heat advisory remained in effect for New York City through Sunday night, according to the National Weather Service. But that hadn’t stopped New Yorkers from taking it upon themselves to keep cool.

A brutal heat wave has been plaguing the five boroughs for nearly a week as of Sunday with temperatures dancing above the 90-degree mark in an unrelenting fashion. The NWS said near-record highs were expected Sunday afternoon with heat indexes approaching or exceeding 100 degrees.

Shaleema Harris, Crown Heights, 41, was at the Brower Park fountain with her daughter and grandson on Friday as the temperature pushed towards 95 degrees.

“We’re drinking lots of water, we’re out in all the public parks that’s giving us great sprinklers and stuff,” Harris said. “This is a park that I grew up in, so it’s me, my daughter, and my grandson, just keeping it cool with the New York resources of the sprinkler that we look forward to every year, that keeps us cool.”

Twenty-year-old Tameka Jones stood (twice) in the full spray of an opened fire hydrant on Amsterdam and 136th in Harlem on Saturday afternoon, when temperatures ranged in the 90s.

“Jump into a fire hydrant,” she yelled. “It’s just too hot!”

Erick Hamer, 23, works at a cooling center at the Manhattanville Community Center in Harlem. On Saturday afternoon, he said the foot traffic was undoubtedly hotter than expected for a late-summer weekend.

“We’ve definitely been busier the last week, but we have enough staff here,” Hamer said. “Everything’s been going great and going smoothly.”

The NWS said that heat and humidity were expected to continue into Monday. A cold front should bring thunderstorms from late Sunday into Monday, the NWS said, along with some relief from the heat and humidity later into the week.

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