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New York Attorney General Letitia James is eliminated from the gubernatorial race


New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday that she would suspend her campaign for governor, a bombshell that will turn the race for the seat vacated by former Governor Andrew Cuomo on its head.

James said she would seek re-election as attorney general instead, referring to her office’s ongoing investigation.

“I have come to the conclusion that I need to continue my work as attorney general,” James wrote in a tweet. “A number of important investigations and cases are ongoing and I intend to complete the work.”

James, a Brooklyn Democrat and the first Black woman to hold office throughout the city, announced her candidacy in October, months after her office released a report backing the allegations of 11 women who brought sexual misconduct lawsuits against Cuomo had.

She was seen as one of the frontrunners in the governor race, which is likely to be decided during the June Democratic primary. But she has been noticeably absent from the campaign for the past few weeks, and polls have shown that her back governor, Kathy Hochul, who has strong support among New Yorkers, is still lagging behind.

The candidate field for the office of governor includes Hochul, Democrat Jumaane Williams and Republicans Tom Suozzi, Rob Astorino, Andrew Giuliani and Lee Zeldin. It is widely believed that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is stepping down later this month, is considering campaigning.

This is breaking news. Check again for updates.

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Truth Kamikaze – CBS New York


(CBS) – It’s day 22. In Season 41 of Survivor, there are only six castaways left. Who made it into the last five and go to the season finale next week? You missed that in the episode last night …

After an emotional tribal council last week, Deshawn is more vulnerable than ever. The entire tribe found his character admirable, and even praised him for speaking out on racial inequality and representing his culture in the game. At this point he feels a mixture of pride and defeat – knowing a close ally, Liana, with whom he shared a “cultural connection”, has just been voted out. This season is particularly unique because of its diverse cast – there is definitely something special to see how each tribe member comes together and makes each other what they are!

Reward challengeFor this week’s reward, the remaining castaways were randomly split into two teams of three. The two teams would then have to compete against each other in a series of water hazards. One by one, the castaways had to bring their colored buoys 2.70 meters deep into the sea and then swim to a platform. The first team to shoot three baskets with their buoys wins a reward! The winners had a choice for their reward: either a high-protein meal of chicken and vegetables or a filling sugar craving for cookies, cakes and sweets. Before Deshawn even starts the challenge, Deshawn, who has been through a lot of emotion lately, snorts out of disappointment with host Jeff Probst when he explains that he wished he’d heard the reward was a letter from home. Unfortunately not this time …

Yellow: Deshawn, Erika and XanderBlue: Danny, Ricard and Heather

The challenge itself looked strenuous. After navigating the ocean, it was up to Deshawn, who circled the yellow team and Danny and Ricard circled the blue. Ultimately, Deshawn won it for her team and chose the chicken and vegetable menu as a reward.

Photo: Robert Voets / CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved.

Deshawn’s confidence is now returning to him. He feels pretty safe knowing he just made a mark on the reward challenge. After taking part in Do or Die last week, Deshawn is ready to play the game harder than ever. During the reward, Deshawn suggested a plan to make it into the bottom three with this group of winners: Deshawn, Xander, and Erika. Of course, Xander and Erika say they’re on board – at least for now. Deshawn is still skeptical, of course, knowing that these two weren’t originally geared towards voting Ricard out last week. But as they say – anything can change in Survivor at any time.

But both Xander and Erika are indeed ready to vote Ricard out next, as it’s pretty clear that he has one of – if not – the most impressive survivor résumés of the season. On the other hand, Xander mentioned to Deshawn and Danny that Ricard is his shield. If Ricard stays in the game, everyone will be focused on targeting him – not Xander. And because I’ve personally watched this game for 41 seasons, it’s actually not a bad move for Xander. The hard part, however, is timing when to put out Ricard’s torch. In the end, it might just be a little too late …

Back at the camp while Ricard and Heather are tending the fire, Danny appears to be missing. These two find it pretty suspicious – knowing that Danny is most likely looking for an idol. Well, he was – and I applaud him for that! Danny is well aware that he and Deshawn are at the very bottom now, so he is doing everything he can to stay in this game. At some point we even see him walking past a Hidden Immunity Idol, but unfortunately he didn’t find it. However, that didn’t stop him from fueling the suspicion. As he walked back to camp, Ricard and Heather thought that he looked like he had a bit more “pep in his crotch” as he was humming and appeared to be in a better mood. Was it part of his plan? We are not sure. But Ricard and his alliance are definitely on their toes now!Individual immunity challengeThis was a huge challenge. Only one of the remaining six castaways would soon earn its place in the top five. We can clearly see that Ricard is the first person on any list at this point. However, if he wins, Deshawn or Danny would be next.

The challenge itself was staggering. The castaways had to detach themselves from a spool, then immediately walk through a series of obstacles and collect a mixture of puzzle pieces along the way. After retrieving their pads, they used them to make a popular survivor phrase out of seven four-letter words.

We get dizzy while watching. #Survivor pic.twitter.com/lzTQP8e6lk

– SURVIVORS (@survivorcbs) December 9, 2021

In the final leg, it was between Ricard and Deshawn to win. And out of nowhere Ricard immediately solved his sentence:

“Don’t make this next vote your last.”

And Ricard won his 3rd individual immunity! Probst was so impressed with his time when he asked how he solved it so quickly, Ricard simply said, “He just thought of every four-letter word in this game throughout the challenge.” This is how you play Survivor now.Tribal councilNow that Plan A (Ricard’s choice) has failed, everyone now has to come up with a “Plan B” instead. It’s amazing how Ricard won another challenge and the other five castaways know how he could win it all. Now you have to think ahead even more strategically. Who has a better chance of beating Ricard in the next challenge: Danny or Deshawn? This goes through their minds – mostly for Erika, Xander and Heather.

Meanwhile, both Deshawn and Danny are doing everything they can to stay in the game. At some point Deshawn tries to convince Erika that she “needs” him. He even suggests how to begin to differentiate herself from Heather. Both she and Heather are on the same line as it has been since day 1. Deshawn is now doing everything possible to persuade Erika to finally break away from Heather and sit with him in the last three. However, will that belief work for him?

Photo: Robert Voets / CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved.

At Tribal, when Probst called on the tribe and asked why they voted the way they did last week, there were some mixed reactions. As Heather pointed out, a “good move” or “bad move” is all very subjective. Playing your custom game in Survivor is like chess indeed. The reward can pay off, or it might end up being a brutal mistake. In addition, everyone also takes their “jury management” into account at this point. Ultimately, each player they voted out decides who will win the million dollars …

Before the polls, Deshawn and Danny make it clear they know it will be one of them since their original alliance is now on the jury. Probst asked the two of them if they had “one last word” if they happened to be out next. Danny went first and shared a positive perspective – he explained how he still fights hard in this game but is proud of everything he’s done. Deshawn took a different approach, however. Deshawn then said he was ready to drop a “truth bomb” as the last “Hail Mary” in the game. Probst was stunned along with the other castaways. Deshawn then shared how Erika plans to vote Heather out when it comes to the last three. Everyone was confused as to why he would drop the message – and essentially throw Erika under the bus. It wasn’t the best look for his game, and both Erika and Ricard reached out at that moment, informing Deshawn that this was possibly a terrible move on his part. I mean, Deshawn doesn’t even know if he’s out next, so he says that in front of the tribe – and the jury, he could bite him …

On suspicion that Danny has an idol, the votes were 3: 3 against Danny and Deshawn. After the second round of voting, the tribe kept Deshawn, meaning Danny, the former Dallas Cowboys NFL player, was the next person this season.

Photo: Robert Voets / CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved.

Impressive! We’re with the last five castaways of the season! Deshawn, Erika, Heather, Xander, and Ricard. Who do you think will win everything? I want to hear your opinion – tweet me @mick_cloudy!

Don’t miss the Survivor 41 season finale next week, Wednesday December 15, on CBS, plus live and on-demand streaming with Paramount +!

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Letitia James asks for the removal of former President Donald Trump in New York – NBC New York


What you should know

New York State Attorney General Letitia James has moved to approve former President Donald Trump’s testimony in New York on Jan. 7, 2022, a source said. That statement would be part of the civil investigation into whether the Trump Organization committed a fraudulent report on the value of certain properties to banks and tax authorities. James is checking to see if a civil lawsuit should be filed.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James filed for the removal of former President Donald Trump on January 7, 2022 in New York, a source said.

That deposit would be part of a civil investigation into whether the Trump Organization committed fraud in reporting the value of certain properties to banks and tax authorities. James is considering filing a civil lawsuit.

This matter differs from the ongoing criminal investigation led by Manhattan’s District Attorney Cy Vance against the Trump Organization and whether officials there were involved in tax fraud schemes. The organization’s chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, was charged along with two Trump-affiliated companies.

Weisselberg has pleaded guilty to allegations of receiving more than $ 1.7 million in compensation payments, including apartment rent, car payments and school fees.

Trump’s company is also being charged in what prosecutors have described as “sweeping and brazen” tax fraud.

Trump himself has not yet been charged with any wrongdoing – although the investigation is still ongoing. He has condemned the case, the first to emerge from the two-year investigation by the New York authorities into the former president’s business relationships, as a “political witch hunt”.

The office of Trump attorney Ronald Fischetti declined to comment.

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Fox News Christmas Tree Set To Be Rebuilt After A Fire In Midtown Manhattan, New York City; Suspect released


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Crews outside the News Corp building set up before the new Christmas tree arrives.

The tree was lit on Wednesday, but just a day later it will be replaced and re-lit.

Watch Raw Video: Fox News Christmas Tree Goes Up In Flames

This holiday tradition has only existed in this place for three years.

The sixty-foot-tall Christmas tree stood at the intersection of West 48th Street and 6th Avenue.

It had only been in operation for three days when it was set on fire shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

The suspect, 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha, was arrested on the spot.

Police say he climbed the metal structure, stuffed newspapers into open spaces, and then set them on fire with a lighter.

He has been charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, arson, criminal harassment, endangering others, criminal trespassing, criminal manipulation and misconduct.

He has three previous arrests, two for drug possession and one for public drunkenness.

Investigators say Tamahana may have tried to set fire to the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, a few blocks away, first.

Tamahana has been charged with custodial release, which means he should report to someone who will report to the court as early as Thursday.

According to a criminal complaint, he told police, “I’ve been thinking about lighting the tree all day.”

“It’s an attack on Christmas,” said Rob Davanzo, a tourist.

Mayor-elect Eric Adams spoke out on bail reform on Thursday morning.

“This is probably a perfect example. I don’t have the discretion to profile the person in front of you. This guy has clearly decided that I will continue to wreak havoc. Arson is a serious crime,” said Adams.

The audience was incredulous.

“My sister called me from Colorado and said someone burned the tree. And now I came and it really happened,” said one viewer.

“I look at the burned trees. My husband is a huge Fox News fan. I told them that we would have our photo taken in front of the tree when we were in the area. And there is no tree. ”Said a tourist.

The Christmas tree is expected to be lit again around 5 p.m. and Cardinal Dolan is expected.

The company says the 15-foot-tall tree has 10,000 glass ornaments and 100,000 lights. It takes more than 21 hours to assemble.

The damage was estimated at $ 500,000.

ALSO READ | Exclusive: Sade meets Dr. Jill Biden as First Lady for Christmas

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Biden calls Dole a “giant of history” in homage to the US Capitol


World War II veteran Bob Dole, senator and GOP presidential candidate in 1996, will be in the US Capitol in the state on Thursday. Dole died on Sunday at the age of 98.

President Biden delivered the eulogy following comments from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Bob belongs here,” said the President, calling Dole a “giant in our history”. Mr. Biden and Dole served together for 25 years.

“We didn’t agree on everything, but I always admired and respected him,” said Mr Biden. “And his willingness to work with anyone.”

Dole’s former colleagues all noted his quick wit, one of his most recognizable traits.

“I swear Bob could have made it as a stand-up comic,” McConnell said.

The President ordered all flags to be hoisted in the White House by December 11th.

Dole will be in the state from noon to 8 p.m., but it won’t be open to the public due to COVID-19 logs. Lying in the state in the Capitol rotunda is reserved for renowned legislators and citizens.

Dole served in the House and Senate for over 30 years. First elected to the House of Representatives in 1964, elected to the Senate in 1968. In 1996 he resigned to focus on his presidential campaign.

A formal farewell ceremony will be held on Friday at 9:30 a.m. before his funeral at the National Cathedral. There will also be a funeral service in Russell, Kansas, and it will be located in the Kansas State Capitol.

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Jim Malatras Resigns as SUNY Chancellor for Texts taunting Lindsey Boylan – NBC New York


State University of New York Chancellor Jim Malatras says he will resign as he faces mounting backlash over the publication of text messages showing he mocked one of the women who would later become ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s accused of sexual harassment.

According to several reports, Malatras announced his resignation in a letter to the chairman of the SUNY board of trustees on Thursday. It comes into force on January 14th.

“I have had no greater honor in my public service than serving as 14th Chancellor of the State University of New York,” began Malatra’s letter. “I am proud to have been the first SUNY graduate to ever become Chancellor. Without my SUNY training, I would not have had a chance to serve in the highest levels of the state government. ”

Malatras went on to say that “the recent events that have surrounded me over the past week have become a distraction from the important work that needs to be done as SUNY emerges from COVID-19. I strongly believe in an individual’s ability to develop, change and grow. “But I also strongly believe in SUNY and never want to be an obstacle to their success.”

New York public college system leaders had supported Malatras’ continued service as chancellor last Friday, even when the SUNY student assembly asked the trustees to remove him with a vote of no confidence.

The trustees said Malatras had admitted he made a mistake and focused on the critical work that lay ahead.

The letter Malatras sent on Thursday recalls Andrew Cuomo’s remarks when he resigned as governor months ago. Cuomo at every turn refuted the veracity of the sexual harassment investigation against him, but eventually said he had become a distraction that could affect the state’s ability to hasten its economic recovery.

Malatras, a former top advisor to Cuomo, came under fire after Attorney General Letitia James released public transcripts and evidence from a month-long investigation into allegations that forced Cuomo out of office. Cuomo continues to deny them.

A text exchange involving Malatras and other Cuomo allies revealed they were making fun of Lindsey Boylan, a former economic development officer who became the first woman to publicly accuse Cuomo. Boylan tweeted in 2019 after leaving government that working in politics had been “a toxic and demoralizing experience”.

She had yet to make her allegations of sexual harassment against the governor public.

“Let’s post some of your crazy emails,” wrote Malatras, using slang for crazy.

After Boylan called him in a series of tweets, Malatras texted the group: “Malatras to Boylan: Go f__ yourself.” The Chancellor said in a statement on Friday that he owed an apology to both Boylan and the SUNY community .

Boylan later tweeted that she never got one, adding, “I’m glad he didn’t apologize because his email says he’s still lying.”

Malatras was named SUNY Chancellor in August 2020 and led the state’s 64-campus system – with nearly 400,000 students – through the pandemic.

It was not immediately clear who could take his place.

In a statement on Thursday, the Board of Trustees thanked SUNY Malatras for their “extraordinary service” over the years.

“The past two years have been some of the most stressful in SUNY history – and Jim’s leadership and collaboration with our faculty and staff have enabled our institution to continue to thrive and our nearly 400,000 students in 64 locations across our state safe and personal to serve. “he said.” He was a champion for our students, for access, for justice and for deeper public investment in this great institution. The entire board thanks for his commitment and his leadership. “

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Bob Dole’s Funeral Scheduled for One Day After Former Senator Is In State; Pres. Joe Biden gave a speech on American Giant today.


WASHINGTON – Bob Dole will reside in the US Capitol on Thursday as the President and others gather to pay tribute to an “American giant” who has made the country at war and politics with pragmatism, self-deprecating humor, and a bygone era served has a sense of community.

President Joe Biden is expected to attend the morning ceremony with invited guests and congressional leaders in the Capitol Rotunda to make remarks for the former Republican senator and presidential candidate. Dole, who had served in Congress for nearly 36 years, died Sunday at the age of 98.

“For those like me who had the honor of calling him a friend, Bob Dole was an American giant,” said President Joe Biden in a speech Wednesday in Kansas City, Missouri.

Biden, a Democrat, called Dole, a Republican, “a man of extraordinary courage, both physical and moral. A war hero who made immeasurable sacrifices. Who almost gave his life for our country in World War II, the great generation. “

The service will be the first of several in Washington to commemorate Dole’s life and legacy. The Thursday event at the Capitol and the Friday funeral at Washington National Cathedral are closed to the public. But Dole’s funeral will be streamed live at the World War II Memorial on the National Mall on Friday, and his motorcade is expected to stop by an event later to celebrate actor Tom Hanks’ life and military service before the coffin is taken to his hometown of Kansas and the state capital.

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said Dole was “a patriot from the start” and an “exemplary person to serve in Congress”.

“He served at a time when there was mutual respect, even when disagreements on many issues ruled the corridor and the entire Capitol,” Pelosi said on Wednesday. “I found that he was a man who kept his word.

Black curtains hung on the doors under the Capitol dome in preparation for the service. A lectern has been positioned so that the statue of another Kansas statesman, Dwight Eisenhower, is likely to be seen in the background behind the speakers for the day.

SEE MORE: Former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole dies aged 98

Senator Mitch McConnell, now the senior Republican Senate leader, said Dole idolized Eisenhower and called the former president and general a hero who embodied “the best qualities of the American people.”

“We can safely say that Eisenhower is not the only Kansan who meets these standards,” McConnell said in a speech earlier this week.

Born to the Dust Bowl child in Russell, Kansas, Dole suffered debilitating and near-fatal wounds after being shot in World War II who sent him home with a badly damaged right arm that he could not use to shake hands. Instead, Dole held a pen in it and reached out his left hand to reassure the greeters.

After graduating with a law degree, he worked as a district attorney and served as legislature in the state of Kansas before running for Congress in 1960. He was the GOP presidential candidate in 1996, his third and final campaign for president – a race he never won.

Dole’s quick-wittedness showed after losing the presidential campaign to incumbent Democrat Bill Clinton, who awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom a few days before his inauguration in 1997.

McConnell said when it was time for Dole’s remarks he stood at the podium and began, “I, Robert J. Dole … so solemnly swear … oh, sorry, wrong speech!”

But that humor was seldom seen in the election campaign or in his public statements where it could have helped him win more votes.

Instead, Dole was seen as the GOP’s “hatchet man,” a mentee to Richard Nixon and chairman of the Republican National Committee during the Watergate era. He became the sharp-tongued vice-presidential candidate for Gerald Ford, another losing race.

But it was Dole’s long career in the Senate that saw the value of meeting the Democrats and secured his more enduring achievements – most notably the Americans with Disabilities Act, which to this day ensures a level of accessibility as a civil right.

At times, Dole defied his own party, particularly on a groundbreaking tax law, and helped create the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday.

The former senator announced a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer in February 2021. Biden visited Dole at his home in the Watergate complex.

Copyright © 2021 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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Gunner fires at an off-duty officer’s car in Manhattan – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A suspect opened fire on an off duty officer who may have been an attempted robbery or car theft, according to the NYPD.

It happened at around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday at 154th Street and Macombs Place in Manhattan.

CONTINUE READING: Mayor-elected Adams appoints David Banks as Chancellor of New York Schools

According to police, the officer was just getting into his car when the suspect showed up with a gun. The officer drove away and the suspect shot his car.

CONTINUE READING: MTA conductor punched in the face at the Bronx subway station

The officer was not hit and did not fire back.

The suspect drove away in a silver Nissan SUV.

MORE NEWS: Bill would allow non-citizens to vote in the New York City elections

Anyone with information about the shooting is encouraged to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or in Spanish at 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). You can also post a tip through their website or via DM on Twitter, @NYPDTips. All calls are treated confidentially.

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Craig Tamanaha criminal complaint unsealed – NBC New York


The 49-year-old Brooklyn man, who was arrested for allegedly setting fire to a giant Christmas tree in front of the FOX News building in Midtown Manhattan, creating a wild scene and terrifying people, allegedly told investigators, “I got about it thought about setting fire to the tree for a day, “reads a criminal complaint published on Thursday.

Craig Tamanaha was detained at the West 48th Street and Sixth Avenue crime scene just after midnight Wednesday and charged late that evening on a number of charges including second degree criminal mischief, one felony, second degree reckless endangerment, and fifth degree arson, according to the Legal action.

The last two charges are administrative offenses.

According to the criminal complaint, Tamanaha is said to have entered a restricted area in front of the FOX News station, in which the huge Christmas tree was located. It had just been lit for the season last weekend. A witness said he and Tamanaha were the only two people in the restricted tree area for 4 minutes, from 12:10 p.m. to 12:14 p.m. on Wednesday. The witness said the tree lit up after Tamanaha went inside.

A 49-year-old man who police said was homeless was arrested for, among other things, criminal mischief, arson and trespassing. Gaby Acevedo from NBC New York reports.

Police officers said the fire, classified by firefighters as an arsonist, caused an estimated $ 500,000 damage to property and unnecessarily terrified everyone who happened to pass by as the breathtaking scene unfolded.

No casualties were reported, but Suzanne Scott, CEO of FOX News Media, described the incident as a “malicious arson attack” in a company-wide email on Wednesday.

It was not immediately clear how the fire was started, although authorities claim a lighter was found in Tamanaha’s pocket when he was arrested.

Videos posted by citizens app witnesses showed thick clouds of black smoke emerging from the artificial tree after the fire was lit.

New York first responders attempted to control a Christmas tree fire outside the Fox News building in midtown Manhattan early Wednesday morning.

It is not clear why Tamanaha allegedly started the fire, but police said the fire did not appear to be deliberate or politically motivated. They think he acted alone.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Wednesday that Tamanaha was known to the department and had a number of low-level arrests outside of the state, possibly from Texas cases and drug offenses. He is also said to be homeless.

“He got a couple of tickets earlier this year and didn’t come back in court, which we see all too often,” Shea said. “I think he works alone. It’s all very fresh. It’s probably a little tentative to say what the motivation was. Was mental illness a factor? We’re going to look at all of this.”

Tamanaha has been released from prison pending his next trial after the charges. He is represented by Legal Aid, which usually does not comment on current cases. An email request for a comment was not returned immediately.

The FOX News building on Avenue of the Americas was celebrating the Christmas tree on Sunday. It was filled with 10,000 glass ornaments, 100,000 lights and took over 21 hours to assemble. Crews later had to clean up the charred remains.

In a company-wide memo, Scott said it was fortunate that there were no injuries and that all employees who were working at the time of the fire were safe. She thanked the FDNY and NYPD for their roles in putting out the fire and arresting the suspect, and vowing that Wednesday’s action would not deter future celebrations.

“The 15-meter-high tree, which was lit in a beautiful on-air ceremony on Sunday evening, was on fire and smoke penetrated the building,” wrote Scott. “This has become a wonderful new tradition in FOX Square for the past three years. We don’t let this premeditated and brazen cowardice deter us.”

Scott said FOX News is working to install a new tree “as a message that there can be peace, light and joy in a dark moment like this,” and will hold a light ceremony for this new tree at a later date.

NYPD confirms a man is in custody after the Christmas tree was set on fire in front of the Fox News building in midtown Manhattan after midnight. Tracie Strahan from NBC New York reports.

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So grab your favorite celeb’s must-have accessories


Gigi Hadid’s shoes

The trick to getting your hands on Gigi Hadid’s go-to pumps is to apply to her favorite bowling alley. You’ll want to work hard, slowly but surely moving up the rows until they get you behind the shoe rental desk. Then, when Gigi Hadid finally comes to bowling, you’ll make your move. She will trade her fashionable kicks for a pair of bowling shoes and you will get it out with her heels.

Lip gloss by Ariana Grande

Study what type of wallet she carries and buy the exact same one. I don’t care how expensive it is – just do it! Read their Us Weekly What’s In My Bag interview and collect duplicates of the contents. Watch a large men’s sweatshirt shop – she’s sure to show up at some point. If you spot them, casually walk by, “accidentally” bump into them and drop both bags on the floor. Then do the swap and – boom – the lip gloss is yours and nobody is the smarter.

Emma Chamberlains Vintage Levi’s Jeans

The easiest way to acquire these unique pair of jeans is to study quantum mechanics and construct a machine that allows you to travel through time and space. With this invention, you can teleport yourself back to 2019 to make sure you make it to the thrift store and buy those jeans before the social media star comes through the door.

Hailee Steinfeld’s cardigan

Just ask, she’ll probably give it to you – she’s so super nice. You probably don’t even have to ask, honestly. Tremble just once and she will be like “Here”.

Olivia Rodrigo’s sunglasses

After the megawatt success of “Sour” pretty much everything Olivia Rodrigo wears is sold out immediately. So what to do when you just need to have your trendy sunglasses? It’s very simple – invite the “driver’s license” singer to a 3-D movie where she has to undress them. But wait, there’s more. You will order her the largest possible size Diet Coke, ideally in a popcorn bucket. When she gets up to go to the bathroom, grab these sunglasses.

Vanessa Hudgens wide brimmed hat

You don’t want this – you think you do, but you don’t want it. They don’t have the right head shape for hats, and that’s important to admit. You will get it and it will take up a lot of space in your closet, but you will never carry it. Who do you think you’re kidding? You just aren’t brave enough to go through with it. You know when you wear it everyone will say, “Oh, hat!” And you don’t want to deal with all of this.

Zendaya’s army jacket

To get this garment, you must first steal Jenna Dawson’s identity. Who is Jenna Dawson, you ask? She’s the random girl who works the cloakroom at Zendaya’s favorite New York restaurant. After living as Jenna Dawson for a couple of weeks, gradually taking over her shifts, you are ready for the night when Zendaya walks in and checks her stylish outerwear. Give her a ticket and then – phew – disappear into the night with your jacket on.

Taylor Swift’s scarf

Make a date with her, then take her to your sister’s house.

More humor

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