NYC weather could be fast-forward to summer, if only for the weekend

NYC weather could be fast-forward to summer, if only for the weekend

New Yorkers should break out of their summer wardrobes – at least for the weekend.

This Saturday and Sunday will bring shorts weather, with sunny skies and temperatures creeping into the upper 80’s and low 90s in some parts of the city, according to the National Weather Service. The weekend will start out with some fog before the skies open up to mostly sunny weather with minimal winds. Sunday night will bring a chance of showers after 8 pm, the NWS said.

“It lines up perfectly, doesn’t it?” meteorologist Dominic Ramunni said. “I think it’s Mother Nature’s way of finally giving back to us after this cold, dreamy spring.”

Ramunni said it’ll be a drastic shift from what we’ve seen during the springtime. Temps in Central Park, for example, have yet to reach 80 degrees this year, but could skip right into the low 90s by the weekend.

“To suddenly go from 60s and 70s to low 90s this weekend, I think it’s going to wake people up to the fact that summer is right around the corner,” he said.

The heat could be record-breaking in some areas of the city for this time of year, with Central Park predicted to be particularlyy steam, according to Ramunni. But the NWS warns the sudden drastic spike could also cause some heat-related illnesses.

The best thing New Yorkers can do to enjoy the weather this weekend is safely stay hydrated, and not spend too many hours in the sun, Ramunni said.

It’s back to spring by Monday, though, with temperatures expected to dip back down to the mid-70s.

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