NYC Convention a test case for diffusion – NBC New York

NYC Convention a test case for diffusion - NBC New York

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The CDC is using Anime NYC as a kind of contact tracing test case to analyze the portability of the Omicron variant. There is both molecular and real-world evidence to suggest that it is highly contagious. Omicron has now been identified in at least 19 states and more than 50 countries; Preliminary severity data has been encouraging, Fauci says, but Delta continues to drive hospital admissions rate, New York is among the six states that are making up the majority of the increase in the number of occupied hospital beds in the country, according to an NBC News analysis by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data

Health officials are seeking contact with the Anime NYC Convention attendees to better understand the Omicron variant and its transmissibility, severity, and immunity to the vaccines available. At the same time, New York State is among the six states with higher rates of hospital bed occupancy, although authorities believe Delta is likely the variant responsible for these increases.

The jury has yet to decide whether Omicron poses the same threat as Delta. Initial evidence suggests it isn’t, but it’s believed to be more contagious than previous strains of the coronavirus.

The CDC chief said Tuesday that more than 35,000 of the reported 53,000 people who attended the convention at the Javits Center November 19-21 had been contacted and asked to take a COVID-19 test after a male vaccinated from Minnesota positive with the Omicron variant.

“Data from this study will likely provide some of the earliest knowledge in this country about the portability of the variant,” said Dr. Rachel Walensky during her briefing.

“At a time when there is a lot of uncertainty at Omicron, we are in a much better position now than we were last year,” she added, urging people who have not yet been vaccinated to do so. “We have gained knowledge and experience working with other variants like Delta, and we have a lot more scientific knowledge, tools and treatment options available.”

We are still learning a few details of the Omicron variant and we have to be careful, says Dr. Bob Lahita of St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson, NJ. He says masks and vaccines will be key to preventing the variant from spreading this holiday season.

There is both molecular and practical evidence that Omicron has been linked to increased infectivity, confirmed Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday which means the number of cases will grow rapidly in addition to the Delta threat.

These increases were observed in South Africa, where scientists first identified the new variant. “There was almost a vertical rise where – in South Africa – as new cases increased, there was a very heavy weight on Omicron, which strongly suggests that this variant has a dominant ability over others,” said Fauci.

It may be a few more weeks before scientists get specific answers on whether Omicron is more dangerous than other variants of COVID, he added.

“It’s too early to be able to determine the exact severity of the disease, but the clues we get – and we have to remember that these are still anecdotal, but hopefully in the next few weeks we will be much clearer.” Bild, “said Fauci.” But it seems that we do not see a very severe disease profile in the cases observed. “

While Omicron is proving to be less severe in terms of disease and death, which appears to be at this early stage, there are several other factors that can affect the lives of New Yorkers, Mayor Bill de Blasio warned as it tripled New, strictest vaccination mandate in the nation, set to affect children ages 5-11 and private sector workers starting later this month.

“What our doctors have said, if you just keep adding cases, cases, cases, even if it’s less bad than we feared, you still have a lot of seniors at risk. You still have a lot of vulnerable people with previous illnesses, “Mayor said on CNN.

“There are still hospitals where you have to worry about their capacity. And those are the things that push you back to the things we want to avoid, the closings and restrictions,” added de Blasio. “So we know enough about Omicron right now to say it will be a big factor.

In New York City, the rolling daily average of COVID cases is up 37% compared to the daily average for the past four weeks. Hospital stays are stable, as are confirmed COVID deaths, which are a far more critical barometer for officials than infections.

It’s not clear how much the surge in COVID cases could be linked to Omicron – Delta still makes up 98% of all positive samples from New York City that are genetically sequenced, and that’s the variant that’s the serious Fall rate in the US drives

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says all private employers, large and small, in the city must have their workers vaccinated against COVID-19 by December 27th. NBC New York’s Ida Siegal reports.

Currently, New York is one of the six states responsible for most of the increase in hospital beds in the country, according to an NBC News analysis of the U.S. Department of Health’s data.

While New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois account for 35% of the population in the states with increasing COVID hospital admissions, they account for 60% of the extra beds, the analysis found.

Governor Kathy Hochul said more than 100 new hospital admissions were reported on Monday. Nationwide, the total stands at 3,401 – the highest number since April 21. According to the latest data from the state, the number of ICU patients has increased and deaths are up 50% compared to last week.

Children in this age group only need to prove one dose from December 14th. Everyone 12 years old and over must show two doses by December 27th (unless they are given the single dose from Johnson & Johnson). even if the private sector mandate comes into force. The city is expected to publish detailed guidelines for small businesses on this issue next week.

More than 81% of adults in New York are fully vaccinated. The vaccination rate for adults in the city is roughly the same. Of the children aged 5 to 17 in the five boroughs, 36% are fully vaccinated, while 47.1% received at least one dose.

Three new cases of the Omicron variant have been discovered in New York City, bringing the state’s total to eight, Governor Kathy Hochul said. Adam Harding from NBC New York reports.

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