NYC artists gather to remember cultural critic Greg Tate at Lincoln Center

NYC artists gather to remember cultural critic Greg Tate at Lincoln Center

The gathering actually looked like something Tate might have curated himself, with slam poets, writers, dancers and other creatives gathered together in a space ready to exchange stories and ideas. Only this time, the anecdotes centered around each person’s connection with Tate: their first encounter, the last time they saw him, or when and how they became aware of his work.

On the grounds of Damrosch Park, a pop-up exhibition organized by the family with Lincoln Center and Photoville occupied the front half of the area, in displays constructed like a cube with one side open. Many artists presented favorite pieces of their work, like a painting or a series of photos, along with messages describing fond memories of Tate.

Chinara Tate was amazed at how little time the artists needed to send their work and kind words, especially since according to her they were working on a tight deadline.

“We’re dealing with handling my dad’s estate and things that needed to be squared away, and that took up quite a bit of time,” she said. “Everyone we reached out to, like, within hours, it was just like a rapid-response turnaround. Regardless of the circumstances they were dealing with during that week, within the week we got all of these artists to contribute.”

Speaking before the event, Brian Tate said that curating the show had helped him understand just how massive and diverse his brother’s network was. “One of the things early on that really stood out for me was coming to understand just how many major and incredible artists Greg was in community with,” he said.

“This pop-up exhibition that we’ve developed will feature works by 24 artists – it could have been easily 100,” he added. “Greg’s community was rich with visual artists, with musicians, with dancers, with creative people of all types .”

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