NYC adds additional lifeguards amid national shortage with July 4th weekend looming

NYC adds additional lifeguards amid national shortage with July 4th weekend looming

Days after unexpected closures, shortened hours and long lines created a rocky opening day for the city’s public pool system, City Hall announced on Thursday that the city had certified more than 200 lifeguards over the last two weeks, bringing the total to 720.

The number, however, is around half of the city’s goal for the total number of lifeguards.

“We are in active negotiations with the lifeguard union to overcome outdated agreements that are preventing us from getting lifeguards into chairs regardless of the pay rate we offer,” Kate Smart, a spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement. “Given these hurdles, pay rate increases alone will not substantially contribute to solving our current shortage.”

The scarcity of lifeguards this summer has afflicted cities and towns nationwide. Boston last week announced that some public pools would not open at all for the summer, while Chicago is planning to operate less than half of its 77 pools after pushing back the opening date to July 5th. Experts said the shortage is driven by a stronger job market for young people and training disruptions brought on by the pandemic.

As of two weeks ago, the city had around 500 lifeguards for pools and beaches, according to officials. The additional lifeguards come ahead of what is expected to be a hot July 4th weekend, when many New Yorkers seek relief in the city’s pools.

New York City’s Parks Department said earlier this week that it planned to open 51 outdoor public pools on Tuesday, but the reality of the lifeguard shortage made it impossible for some pools to open at full capacity, and in some cases, not at all.

On Thursday, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Gowanus, a sign in front of the Douglass and Degraw pool said it was closed for the day. According to parks workers, the facility — which includes both a swimming and wading pool for younger children — also closed Tuesday and was open for only a half day on Wednesday.

The city’s outdoor public pools are typically open everyday during the summer season from 11 am through 7 pm, with an hour break in the afternoon for cleaning.

On Wednesday, a person tweeted photos of a half-open pool in Washington Heights that was featured in the movie The Heights.

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