Hillary Clinton helpfully suggests Republicans look at Trump’s emails

Hillary Clinton helpfully suggests Republicans look at Trump's emails

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) — After the Supreme Court approved the release of Donald J. Trump’s documents related to the Capitol riot, Hillary Clinton recommended that Republicans in Congress examine the former president’s emails.

“I know Republicans have thousands of documents to look through,” she said. “But if I were her, I would take a good look at Trump’s emails.”

Clinton said she had “no idea” what Trump’s emails said, but added, “Considering how hard he tried to prevent their release, that must be quite a few emails.”

The former secretary of state acknowledged that her advice to Republicans was “probably unnecessary.”

“My memory of Republicans in Congress is that they are very diligent investigators who never stop trying,” she said. “I’m sure they’ve spent every waking hour trying to get Donald Trump’s emails. You must be so excited to finally have her.”

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