“Gravesend” actor honored for rescuing 14 year old trapped under an SUV in Brooklyn


GRAVESEND, Brooklyn (WABC) – Hollywood quickly became a reality when a group of actors stepped in to rescue a teenage boy trapped under an SUV in Brooklyn. These selfless actors are now being honored.

You were shooting for a television series when you suddenly ended up in a real situation, torn out of Hollywood.

Your instincts kicked in and a teenager lives because of it.

“I heard a loud bang and went to the crime scene,” said actor John Camera. “Scream, let’s get a jack, but nobody came with a jack. He screamed and then he asked me, ‘Please help me, please help me.'”

It was a 14-year-old boy trapped under an SUV.

The Good Samaritan group was featured in an exclusive video from Eyewitness News in honor of his rescue.

It was the cast and crew of the television series Gravesend who happened to be filming nearby.

They couldn’t pull the boy out from under the SUV, so they pulled the SUV away from him.

“We all helped raise the car with ease,” said Gravesend actor Evan Sumner.

“It went up like a feather. It felt like nothing to me. And when we did it, it flew in flight. I thought we were Superman, I swear,” said actor Anthony Guarino.

It happened three weeks ago in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Police say the 80-year-old driver behind the wheel told them her brakes stopped working when she ran over the teen who was walking his dog.

As soon as they lifted the SUV, his dog crawled out from under it.

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Little did they know the dog was among them.

“And then the dog came running out, stuck under the gearbox,” said Camera.

“The show is about Brooklyn in the 80s, and I remember people grew up in this area whenever they could help you,” said actor William DeMeo. “And this is not just about the cast and crew, but also about the people from the neighborhood. The people who lived and were there all helped and helped. “

The 14-year-old is in critical but stable condition in the hospital.

“We pray for him and his family, we pray for his full and speedy recovery,” said Councilor Mark Treyger. “He’s still in the hospital and still fighting, and we pray for a full vacation miracle for him and his family.”

The cast and crew plan to visit the boy at the hospital as soon as he is healthy enough to accept visitors.

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