Extra Extra: Climate activists are sticking lentils in SUV tire valves

Extra Extra: Climate activists are sticking lentils in SUV tire valves

Good Wednesday afternoon in New York City, where e-bikes are, for some unclear reason, catching fire like crazy. Here’s what else is happening:

A 39-year-old Manhattan man was arrested earlier this month for allegedly requesting absentee ballots under the names of celebrities, which he said he was collecting as a “hobby.”Public defenders with the Legal Aid Society have now repeatedly tried to get their clients’ gun charges dropped by pointing to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling against New York’s strict concealed carry restrictions.Sidney Wolf, a 43-year-old former aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, died late last Sunday night in Delaware when a Lyft driver stopped for some reason and forced him and five other passengers to get out of the car in the middle of a busy road. New York City FC, the MLS team that’s been bouncing between Yankee Stadium, MetLife Stadium and Red Bull Arena, is getting its own stadium in Queens.The NYPD said a dead man’s body was mysteriously dumped in a driveway in Dyker Heights yesterday by a guy — who’s not a suspect — who was wheeling a hand truck.Remember when a group of climate activists went around the Upper East Side in the middle of the night and deflated the tires of SUVs by unscrewing the caps and sticking lentils in the valves? Well it turns out the Guardian tagged along with a photographer.It’s pretty hard to find a hard copy of the New York Times in New York City.The Haudenosaunee Confederacy, which invented lacrosse and still has some of the best players in the world, is trying to get approval to compete as a sovereign nation in the 2028 Olympics, where lacrosse will likely make its return to the games.More and more people are regretting their dumb impulse purchases from the early days of the pandemic.Competitive tree-hugging is alive and well in Scotland.Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories emailed to you — sign up here. And finally, give ’em a little time:

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