Devin Nunes foolishly believes Trump will pay him

Devin Nunes foolishly believes Trump will pay him

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – Rep. Devin Nunes announced that he is leaving Congress to run Donald J. Trump’s media company under the foolish belief that Trump will pay him.

When news of Nunes’ decision broke, thousands of salespeople who had waited decades for Trump to pay off expressed their amazement that the California congressman would make such a stubborn career move.

“To me it is inconceivable that he thinks he is getting paid,” said Carol Foyler, one of the unpaid shop assistants. “Did he googled Trump at all?”

While Nunes was packing his bags, his soon-to-be former congress colleagues celebrated his departure until the early hours of the morning.

MP Adam Schiff sounded cautious, however. “It is important that Devin does not find out that he will not be paid,” said Schiff. “He could change his mind and stay here.”

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