At Hyssop Supper Club in Red Hook, a shared dining experience is the key ingredient

At Hyssop Supper Club in Red Hook, a shared dining experience is the key ingredient

So that’s just what she did. Initially working on a plywood floor with a single sink, fridge and stove, Tracy made soup by the quart, and sold it out the front door of her space for months to stay afloat. She later pivoted to selling prepared food boxes to the neighborhood, and even offered brunch in the garden last summer. As private clients gradually returned to the city, Tracy regained the financial stability she needed to return to her initial goal of the supper club events.

It took Tracy two difficult years to realize her dream of Hyssop Supper, but she’s convinced the timing has worked out perfectly. “As things started to open up, people were wanting to connect,” she said. “They were coming to it from a different place — they’re not coming from a 2019 mindset of ‘let’s go out to dinner and critique the food.’ They’re coming to it from a more open-hearted place, where they want to connect with other people and are open to meeting new people.”

The first Hyssop Supper event was held on June 4th, and the series has continued every other Saturday since. On July 2nd, Tracy’s menu included lovage vichyssoise, haricots verts, roasted cod and a Spanish almond torte. Everything was delicious, but Tracy’s real point, here and throughout her series, is as much about creating a memorable experience.

“It’s been wonderful,” Tracy said. “Sometimes everyone is talking to everyone, people are getting up and switching seats and exchanging info…other times it’s much calmer, but people seem to love it. I’ve had people come up afterwards and tell me, ‘Wow, that was such a lovely experience, I feel like I went somewhere!'”

Tracy smiled widely. “Whatever they say about the food, I don’t even care — that’s what I want!”

Hyssop Supper events take place every other Saturday at 5:30 and 8:30 pm at 293 Van Brunt St. in Brooklyn. Price is $65 per person and seating is limited to 16 diners. Organic wines, local beers and mocktails are also available for purchase on site.

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