2 dead, including young boy, after boat cap sizes in Hudson River

2 dead, including young boy, after boat cap sizes in Hudson River

Two people, including a child, died Tuesday after a private boat capsized in the Hudson River, officials said.

A group of 12 people made up of family and friends were on the boat when it overturned near Pier 84 at around 2:45 pm, killing a 7-year-old boy and a 50-year-old woman, who became trapped underneath it , officials said. FDNY officials said several others suffered minor injuries and two are currently hospitalized and listed in critical condition.

“This is a tragic day for New Yorkers,” acting FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said.

A New York Waterway ferry crew was first to arrive on the scene. Crew members pulled several people onto their boat before NYPD and FDNY scuba crews arrived to pull out the remaining victims.

Jason Peters is a captain with New York Waterways. He was also on hand during the famous 2009 Miracle On the Hudson rescue. And much like on that day, he said his instincts took over as his ferry crew encountered the boat upside down in the Hudson. His crew immediately got to work.

“That’s when training kicks in. You just, you know, you do what you’re trained to do. We do monthly drills for this specific situation,” Peters said. “Just in case somebody falls into the water and we have to get them out, that’s exactly what we do. We just saw them, they needed help, we got them on board.”

The captain of the capsized boat is amongst those in critical condition, officials said.

At a news conference Tuesday NYPD assistant chief James McCarthy said an investigation into the cause was ongoing. Officials said they were looking into whether there were too many people on the boat for its size, and if weather conditions were a factor.

Peters said the waters were a little choppy on Tuesday afternoon due to high winds.

The incident temporarily halted ferry service in the area, which has since returned to normal service.

This is a developing story and will be updated later this evening.

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